Whenever I think about tuna casserole, it brings me back to when I was 11 years old. My best friend and I used to have the same taste in food. We both absolutely loved the dish. It was one of our favorite foods, and still is! Once in a while we used to have tuna casserole for lunch in school. In our opinion, it was supposed to be eaten with ketchup, of course. So whenever we had it, we used to ask the school cooks for some ketchup. Sadly, they wouldn’t give it to us. They told us ketchup didn’t belong in this casserole. That’s when we got an idea. The next time we’d have tuna casserole in school, we were going to bring our own ketchup.
Two weeks later we looked at the weekly menu and noticed we were going to have tuna casserole for lunch the next day. We made a deal. My best friend brings the ketchup and I’d watch her back. I mean, we didn’t want the school cooks to notice!

The day came and we had ourselves big portions of the casserole. My best friend took the ketchup bottle out of a plastic bag and we both put some ketchup on our plates. We ate our plates clean and were just about to leave, when the school cook came to us and asked, if we had brought our own ketchup to school. She was very angry and said we were going to have a serious conversation with the principal. We were scared but also confused. Why was it such a big deal?

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