Everyone loves a good cheesecake recipe, and in this case, it comes in the form of chocolate cheesecake. My sons love chocolate so much that sometimes I am scared that they will be addicted to them. It is the reason why I let them indulge on their favorites once in a while; just not too much. The best way i can do something about this is to think of recipes that will satisfy their chocolate hunger and at the same time will not let them eat too much of that good thing. This comes in the form of recipes that involve chocolate, but doesn’t involve “just chocolates”.

This chocolate cheesecake recipe is a hit with my family. The first time I made this was when my husband asked me the night before if I could make him something chocolaty because he’s having a bad craving for it.
And since I knew I haven’t tried making one for weeks, I searched all over the internet for something good and this came out. My husband couldn’t stop thanking me (I will probably start hinting about buying a new television set) and my sons just looked at me as if I was a blessing to them!

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