I am in love with meatballs. My family is in love with meatballs! You would love to see my twins holding their forks with a meatball on top of each. They just look too adorable with that. It’s a recipe that everyone in the family would love to eat again and again. We eat meatballs with everything! We put meatballs in pasta recipes. We put meatballs in our soups. We even put meatballs in our stew. There are so many dishes out there that makes use of meatballs and it’s a good thing that people never run out of ideas to share.

This honey glazed pork meatballs recipe is a new recipe that I have heard about and just recently tried. I will always be on the lookout for recipes that I can make for my family. I and my friends help each other by making sure we share with each other recipes that we know our families will love.
We have like a group thing online where we tag each other on recipes that we all love. Anyway, this recipe will surely be a hit with your family! The subtle hint of honey just adds that kick to the meatballs.

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