I hardly ever make dessert at my house. It’s just not something that I think of. I’m sure my kids do, but I’m not much of a sweet eater. I’d rather have another serving of pasta or piece of garlic bread than eat something sweet. So, when my kids brought it to my attention that I never make them dessert, I had to try and fix that. I didn’t want to make a big batch of cookies or a huge cake for two reasons. One, my kids didn’t need all of that stuff. Two, I didn’t want anything to go to waste. That’s when I started thinking about what I could do in individual portion sizes.

This recipe from Recipe Lion for strawberry shortcake jars sounded perfect. I could make one, or a dozen, depending on how many people I wanted to feed. These little things are nice, but I could make bigger ones too if I wanted. This is really a make whatever you want kind of recipe.
With this starting point, I found a recipe that’s actually semi-healthy for my kids to have for dessert. I can even use the reduced fat whip cream to make it even healthier. Change it up with different berries and you have a a whole new dessert!

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