The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach—it’s often that we hear about this saying. I for one thought it’s true. A few of my aunts and a few of my friends managed to get the attentions of their husbands because they fell in love with the food that they made. And the rest, as they say, is history. For example, if it’s me and my husband, it couldn’t have been my expertise in the kitchen because he’s a hundred times better than me in there. It’s actually my cold behavior, he said.
It probably was. Because he’s used to being chased by girls and I wasn’t one of them. We started out as friends though. And that might have helped. One of my friends, Pat, told me how she managed to snatch the heart of her fiance’s grandfather. She said that out of everyone in his family, it’s tradition that the soon-to-be bride should be able to melt the heart of the cold grandfather. A lot had succeeded, and a lot had failed.

But Pat didn’t want to fail so she did her best. This old saying was what came to her mind at that time, so when she came over to the family house to be introduced, she volunteered to cook dinner for everyone. Well, it had turned out great.
The grandfather loved her flavorful soup, which she decided would be the perfect meal. It’s flavorful and light at the same time. The soup actually made him smile, much to everyone’s surprise. The grandfather’s last words before she and her fiance left were, “I now know you can take care of my grandson. Go and be happy.”
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