It’s hard to forget the first time I ever tasted key lime pie. I was 10, and for some reason I had never even heard of this wonderful dessert before. My parents took me in a small, family-owned restaurant during our vacation. I was looking at the menu and I thought it sounded really weird that they were serving a pie with keys in it. Haha! It’s funny how kids think sometimes, isn’t it? My mother explained what the name was about, and I really wanted to give it a try.

Oh boy, it was delicious! It was one of those flavors I will never forget. I even got to meet the lovely lady who made the pie. She was the grandma of the family – she and her husband had started the restaurant decades ago, and she still came in every day to make the most amazing desserts for their customers.
When I grew up and got interested in baking, I decided I had to try and make key lime pie just as delicious some day. This recipe is it! The meringue on top makes this even more special, and every time I have a slice of this pie, it takes me right back to that day of our vacation.
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