So, today I made a cake.

And I’m going to tell you something — making a cake with an infant around is NOT easy.

I mean…I’ve seen people who make it LOOK easy, but I have come to the conclusion that they must be living a lie

I had that epiphany around the time I was scrubbing dried cake batter out of a mixing bowl while my 13 lb infant nursed while I wore her in a sling.

It’s probably a good thing you didn’t stop by right at that moment. I wouldn’t have answered the door, you would have heard the baby fussing and known I was home and ignoring you, and it would have been all weird.
I’m glad we just share cake over The Internets.

It’s better this way.

This cake was my lunch today, so I can tell you with confidence that it is delicious.

Rich, dark chocolately chocolate cake, coconut filling (like the center of a Mounds bar), creamy coconut buttercream, and a smooth layer of dark chocolate ganache.

I really love cakes with poured ganache on top — if you’re not so great at cakes but want something that looks nice, this is really the best way. It covers up any imperfections in your frosting and the pretty drips distract the eye. Plus, a little extra chocolate is never a bad thing.

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