These sweet sugar cookies are my family’s favorites. When I say family, I am talking about my own family, my parents, my brother and his family, and my relatives. It’s a classic cookie recipe that everyone just couldn’t get enough of. My late grandmother always made sugar cookies for everyone whenever there’s a reunion that’s being held in my grandparents’ house. She used to serve it to us kids with milk while she brewed fresh tea for the adults. Now that I am an adult, I love my sugar cookies with strong coffee. The smell of the cookie and the coffee just smell so good together.
During last family gathering, it was my cousin Joanna who baked the sugar cookies for all of us. Since her daughter was busy playing with my other nieces and talking about a certain tooth fairy who got her tooth in exchange of a dime, she had the time to make us the treat. I was busy chatting her up while she was in the kitchen.

She told me the story about the “tooth fairy” who really was her husband. My niece finally lost a tooth because of eating too much sugary treats. To placate her, my cousin and her husband told her about the tooth fairy. It’s still safe to say though that my niece wasn’t able to eat any sugar cookie that day.
The dentist forbade her to eat anything sweet for the next couple of weeks. And for a child, that’s not good news! But the good news is, I have a copy of the recipe for these sugar cookies and you can find them on the next page.

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