Without question, there is no device that is more fickle than the toilet. Though it is made to withstand copious amounts of human waste – yuck! – it tends to be rather picky when it comes to other items.

Because we never want you to have to pay the hefty price for an emergency plumber, we have a handy list for you today that features things that you should never, EVER flush down a toilet. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Baby and Cosmetic Wipes

Even wipes that are labeled as being “flushable” can cause clogs over time, and are absolutely horrible for septic systems. Since they don’t easily break down, they are also triggering crises in sewer systems across the country, causing millions of dollars in equipment damage.

Feminine Hygiene Products

If you haven’t been reading the posted signs on the inside of virtually every public restroom, then you may be unaware of the fact that the expanding properties in both pads AND tampons make for the most notorious clogs.

Paper Towels

Sure, it can be tempting to simply throw those grimy paper towels in the toilet after a bathroom cleaning session, but doing so will cause you nothing but trouble! Because they are made with materials that are much more durable than toilet paper, they simply don’t break down fast enough to be safely flushed.


Similar to baby wipes, flushed condoms are causing lots of problems in sewage systems throughout the world. These latex guys are made to withstand fluid and pressure, so they won’t simply dissolve on their own when tossed down the toilet.

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