Clear and flawless skin speaks of your beauty and inner health. Furthermore, the main predictors of skin health are the lifestyle habits and skin care regimen. Namely, poor nutrition, chronic stress, sleep deprivation, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, and UV damage, are some of the major culprits of skin problems.

Additionally, Face Mapping is an ancient technique that originates from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. It is based on the theory that there is a strong correlation between skin health and internal environment in the body, helping us find out the underlying triggers of our skin problems.

Face Mapping provides insight into the skin surface and helps us discover what’s actually happening inside our bodies.

Thanks to Face Mapping, you can see the reflection of your body organs on each part of your face, including:

– Forehead

This part of your face is linked to your liver and gallbladder.

What Does It Mean: The nervous and digestive system are associated with the forehead. So, stress and poor digestion may lead to certain skin issues on this part of the face.

How to Fix It: You should exclude processed, fatty and sugary foods from your diet. On the other hand, eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals to improve your digestion. In addition, it is advisable to drink warm lemon water and dandelion tea to detoxify your liver naturally. Also, try to decrease your stress by practicing yoga, meditation, etc.

– The Left Side of the Area Between the Eyebrows

There is a correlation between stored emotions in your spleen and this part of your face.

What Does It Mean: In case you notice lines on this facial zone, it could show unexpressed emotions stored in the spleen.

How to Fix It: Consider practicing proper breathing technique, counseling, yoga, mediation, and Reiki in order to get rid of your stagnant emotional energy.

– The Right Side of the Area Between the Eyebrows

This facial zone is connected with stored liver emotions.

What Does It Mean: If you have wrinkles and skin issues on this part of your face, it could suggest unexpressed anger that is being held onto in your liver.

How to Fix It: It is recommended to reduce your stress and negative emotions by practicing yoga, journaling, Reiki, counseling, and so on. That’s not all, you should also limit your fatty food and alcohol consumption since it can put extra pressure on your liver.

– Eyes

This part of your face is linked to your intestines, joints, and thyroid.

What Does It Mean: If you notice an excess of white coloring in the iris, it could suggest joint degeneration. Moreover, a small white coloring in the iris is associated with general joint problems. Plus, you may experience intestinal mal-absorption if there is spotty discoloration in the iris. What’s more, a lightly-colored ring encircling the iris may indicate that you consume too much salty and sugary foods.

How to Fix It: Introduce some anti-inflammatory foods, including ginger, turmeric, walnuts, oily fish, flax seeds, and organic bone broth in your daily diet. On the contrary, reduce your intake of highly processed, salty and sugary foods, and caffeine because it can result in inflammation.

– Underneath the Eyes

This facial zone is connected to your kidneys.

What Does It Mean: Experiencing puffy lower eyelids and swelling underneath your eyes may indicate that you suffer from sluggish kidney function. In addition, dark bags and circles under your eyes could suggest impaired kidney function.

How to Fix It: Consume lots of filtered water because dehydration puts pressure on the kidneys and interferes with their main function to remove toxins. It is good to know that coffee and alcohol can lead to dehydration, so consider avoiding them. You should also lower your stress and get proper night’s sleep

– Cheeks

Skin problems on this facial part may be suggestive of mal-absorption, sluggish metabolism, and lung issues.

What Does It Mean: You may experience slower metabolic rate and reduced nutrient absorption if you notice discolored patches on your cheeks. Also, you may suffer from lung problems if you notice certain breakouts here.

How to Fix It: Start practicing proper breathing technique in order to boost oxygen flow to the lungs as well as build lung capacity. You should also gradually increase your cardio exercise to improve lung function and boost your metabolism. Keep in mind, you should also chew your food to prevent indigestion and mal-absorption. It is recommended to consume green tea and antioxidant foods to prevent skin issues on your cheeks caused by common air pollutants.

– Nose

There is a correlation between this facial zone and cardiovascular system.

What Does It Mean: As nose is considered to reflect circulation, any breakouts here may indicate blood pressure issues.

How to Fix It: Include more heart-healthy foods, like cold-pressed olive oil, nuts, avocado, oily fish, flax seeds, and tahini in your daily diet. However, you should avoid drinking coffee and alcohol since it can contribute to additional problems.

– Lower Lip

It is linked to your digestive system.

What Does It Mean: Any problems here may suggest improper intestinal function. Specifically, if you notice brown spots on your lower lip, it could indicate insufficient digestive enzymes or indigestion. Also, it could mean that you have worms or parasite overgrowth in your intestines. Additionally, you may suffer from early stages of anemia if you have pale colored lips.

How to Fix It: Increase your consumption of foods rich in iron, such as green leafy vegetables, lean red meat, and legumes and start taking a high-quality pro-biotic supplement.

– Tongue

This zone reflects lung function and toxin overload.

What Does It Mean: Definitely, your tongue speaks of your internal health! The only thing you should do is look the surface of your tongue immediately after getting up in the morning. To be more specific, if you notice white circles towards the middle or back area of your tongue, then you may experience intestinal toxins. But, in case you notice abrasion at the outside edges of your tongue, then your lungs may not function optimally.

How to Fix It: You should do a natural body detoxification for 3 days to eliminate all toxins from your body. During the detoxification process, increase your daily intake of filtered water, detoxifying foods, and raw green veggies and fruits. When it comes to providing optimal lung function, you should practice deep-breathing meditation and cardio exercises.

– Chin

This facial part reflects your stress levels and hormones.

What Does It Mean: Most females experience breakouts here during their period since the chin is associated with stressful emotions and hormonal imbalance.

How to Fix It: Consider using maca powder to support your hormones. It is not recommended to use commercial beauty products or cleaning aids as they possess toxins, which negatively affect the endocrine system. Also, lower your stress and try to get proper sleep and rest every day!



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