You know how you always end up telling a story because one of the kids in your family starts asking something and you don’t know how to explain it? That happens to me a lot. And since I am the “storyteller” in the family, I don’t get any help from the other adults. They just watch, with amusement, how I am always able to maneuver my way out of the scenario with the inquisitive kiddos. There was this time when the food on the menu was garlic tilapia, right?
We always try to squeeze in a fish recipe at least for one meal a week because fish is healthier than pork, beef, or chicken. While my aunts were preparing the dish, one of my nephews asked why some fishes have obvious scales and some have smooth skin. No one was able to answer because seriously, who cares about the scales of the fishes?

It would have been easier if he asked about the gills, but he asked about the scales! One of my “traitor” cousins led the discussion to me, saying that “Auntie” knows the stories about the fishes. As we were waiting for the main course to be cooked, I ended up telling them about the legend of the mermaids.
The story was a mixture of all the fairy tales I have watched and read like Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. At least he stopped asking when the food was finally served. And, might I add, he ate all of his butter and garlic tilapia with a huge smile on his face

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