I am an avid meal planner. I find that planning out our meals works so much better than trying to find a dish to cook on the fly. Sometimes, I’ll do this weekly and other times I’ll make a meal plan for the entire month. I’ll add each meal to a special calendar template that I have, print it out, and hang it in the kitchen for everyone to see. We rarely deviate from the meal plan…until I discovered smothered chicken burritos. I’m not sure what I had scheduled for that day but I crossed it out and decided to make this yummy Mexican dish instead.

My husband and kids were really glad that I decided to go with these smothered chicken burritos instead of my original plan. They came home from work and school fully expecting something else and were greeted by the spicy aroma of chicken burritos.
I set out salsa, taco sauce, sour cream, and some guacamole dip as condiments to use on the burritos. I’d say that this dish was a super success and I can’t wait to make this emal again. Enjoy!
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