Bloating is a seriously uncomfortable and extremely common condition. According to WebMD, 1 in 10 Americans reports bloating regularly. What causes bloating and how can you fix it? Continue reading to find the answers.
1. Overeating. The most common cause of bloating is overeating. This is a feeling most people know all too well. The feeling of being “stuffed” or “in a food coma” are common sensations. To prevent bloating from overeating, eat smaller portions.
2. Rich and fatty food. Fats take longer than protein or carbohydrates to digest. Therefore, fatty foods make you feel fuller and your stomach is more likely to bloat. To prevent bloating, simply limit your consumption of fatty foods.
3. Eating too fast. The body takes up to 20 minutes to communicate its satiety with the brain, therefore people who eat slowly tend to eat less. Their brains get the signal that they are full before they can overeat. To slow down, eat with another person so conversation naturally slows down your pace. You can also try eating with awareness, thinking carefully about each texture and flavor.
4. Artificial sweeteners. Sorbitol and fructose are common ingredients found in artificial sweeteners. Neither can be fully digested and therefore are common bloat-inducing culprits. To avoid bloating, eliminate artificial sweeteners from your diet.
5. Whole grains. While whole grains are a healthy source of fiber, that same fiber can sometimes cause bloating. To avoid bloating when eating whole grains and other fiber-rich foods, drink plenty of water. This works because fiber absorbs water and the water helps to move the fiber through the digestive system.
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