You might need to clean your air ducts if you notice you’re sneezing more often or your home has recently undergone some renovations. Otherwise, it probably isn’t necessary. But, cleaning your air ducts will ensure that your system runs more smoothly because the parts won’t be slowed down with dirt and dust.
There are many different types of duct systems, but if you’re cleaning it yourself the process is generally the same. You need to clean the vents and the ducts, and you should probably replace your furnace filter, too. While cleaning it yourself isn’t foolproof, you’re sure to clean most of the dirt out. Here are the tips you need to keep in mind before you start your DIY air duct cleaning.
You Need…
1. Screwdriver

If you’re going to get into the air duct, the first thing you need to do is take it apart. Grab a screwdriver so you can loosen the screws and get in there to clean.
2. Vacuum
You’re going to need a vacuum, preferably one with a long hose and good suction. This is so you can reach in and get any dust that has gone past arms reach.
3. Brush
You need something like a toilet brush with bristle ends and a nice long hand to hold onto.
4. Paper Towels
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