I fell in love with this creamy caramel banana pudding the first time I had a taste. It didn’t even give me a chance; it totally blew my taste buds away and had me addicted! I love bananas, but I have never thought that caramel can even make it this amazing! I always tell myself that a perfect dessert dish has to make everyone smile just by sighting it. Observe people’s reaction at gatherings very carefully. You can easily see their excitement whenever they find something extraordinary at the dessert table.

I am guilty of doing that all the time. When my husband caught me once, he simply looked amused. But it’s fun to see how people react to dishes; it makes you know them more. Let me take my husband as an example. Whenever he loves what’s on the table, his eyes will start to twinkle and light up (I didn’t even think it’s possible!). He will not gush about it, but he will ask for a second or even for a third serving.
My kids too. They have a particular facial expression that they wear whenever they love the food. I think it’s amazing! This creamy caramel banana pudding had me looking excited, at least that’s what my friend told me. My face had looked as if I won the lottery! Well, try this dish and you will feel as if you won the lottery!

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