Pro-moped thoughts:

  1. Everyone else does it.
  2. The other 5 people drive a scooter or motorcycle or bike taxi.
  3. I could get to the grocery store and back in less than 3 hours.
  4. We could drive to the mall.  Beep beep.
  5. I would no longer need to squish myself onto the bench/laps of people on the Jeepney.
  6. My shoes wouldn’t have “mud” all over them.
  7. It will be the coolest thing I’ve ever done.
  8. I wouldn’t have to decide what to say/who to look at/where to hide/what facial expression to use when people shout friendly things at me while I’m walking home.  Social stress.
  9. I wouldn’t have to see dead cats on the road while walking home.
  10. I wouldn’t have to walk, period.

Anti-moped thoughts:

  1. Death.
  2. Injury.
  3. Fights over who gets to drive it.
  4. #3 was a lie because I would obviously not drive – the traffic situation here is similar to a blindfolded three ring circus, and the last thing anyone needs is me pretending to know what I’m doing, on a moped, weaving in and out between roosters and Jeepneys and stray dogs.  Which goes back to #1.
  5. Me not driving.


Oh, hi curry.

You came together so fast and I was talking so much about mopeds that I almost forgot you existed.

But then I smelled your delicious coconutiness and saw your creamy, spicy sauce that reminded me of a delicious mashup of Indian curry and Thai curry… And then I shared you with the world, because maybe someone else likes 5 ingredient recipes as much as I do.


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